Texas Appraisal Districts
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Appraisal District Functions

Appraisal District Leadership

Section Talking Points

  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Appraiser
  • Taxpayer Liaison
  • Appraisal Review Board
  • Agricultural Advisory Board
  • Assessor Collector

Board of Directors
The county appraisal district is governed by a board of directors.

Chief Appraiser
The chief appraiser is the head of the appraisal district appraisal office.

Taxpayer Liaison
The taxpayer liaison officer assists property owners in understanding the appraisal process and protest procedures.

Appraisal Review Board
The Texas Appraisal Review Board settles disagreements between the public and the county appraisal district concerning the value and taxability of property. Go to our Appraisal Review Board section for details.

Agricultural Advisory Board
The purpose of the Agricultural Advisory Board is to advise the Chief Appraiser on the valuation of agricultural, open space agricultural, and timber land within the county appraisal district.

Assessor Collector
The appraisal district assessor-collector assesses and collects taxes on property within the county for the county taxing units.

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