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Guide to a Lower Texas Property Tax

Montgomery County Appraisal District Guide

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Montgomery County is part of the Houston Texas metroplex.

Contact Montgomery County Appraisal District
Contact information and office hours are listed.

Montgomery County Property Tax
Find Montgomery County property tax payment information and property tax rates.

Texas Appraisal District Guide

Property Tax Basics
Texas property taxes and the county appraisal district process are described. Frequent property tax questions are also answered.

Lower Your Property Tax
Ways to lower your property tax are presented.

How to Protest
The appeal process, including whether to protest, and how to protest are covered.

Appraisal District Exemptions
Personal and business property tax exemptions and how to qualify are described.

Homestead Exemption
Find out who may qualify and how to qualify for the homestead exemption.

Personal Property Tax
The personal property tax and rendition are covered.

Download Forms
Download forms that are required by your local county appraisal district.

Appraisal District Deadlines
Important deadlines are listed.

Annual appraisal district events that affect property taxes and their impact on Texas property owners are summarized.

Appraisal District Functions
Functions of the local county appraisal district and the people who run it are described.

Montgomery County Appraisal District
Montgomery County
Montgomery County Appraisal District
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