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Homestead Exemption

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  • Who qualifies for a homestead exemption?
  • How to file
  • Download the homestead exemption form
  • Homestead Assessed Value Maximum Increase

Who Qualifies for the Texas Homestead Exemption?
Texas homestead exemption applies to a homeowner if they:

  • owned the property on January 1st
  • occupied the property as their principal residence on January 1st
  • the homeowner or their spouse have not claimed a residence homestead exemption on any other property

If the Texas homeowner temporarily moves away from their home, they still can qualify for a county appraisal district homestead exemption if they do not establish another principal residence and they intend to return in a period of less than two years. Texas homeowners in military service or in a facility providing services related to health, infirmity or aging may exceed the two year period.

How to file for the Homestead Exemption
A qualified Texas homeowner can file for the homestead exemption by filing the form that can be downloaded below. The typical deadline for filing a county appraisal district homestead exemption application is between January 1 and April 30. A Texas homeowner may file a late county appraisal district homestead exemption application if they file no later than one year after the date taxes become delinquent. The typical delinquency date is February 1.

Download Form
You can download the homestead exemption form with the following link.
Download: Homestead Exemption form.

PDF Form Reader
The county appraisal district forms and documents that may be downloaded from our website are in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download the latest version to view and print the forms. Go to Acrobat Reader download for the latest version.

Homestead Assessed Value Maximum
Go to our Maximum Assessed Value section for a discussion of the maximum assessed value increase for a Texas homestead.

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